The Music Boat

An entrancing boat trip along the most beautiful stretch of regents canal with live musical performances by some of the city's most spellbinding talent.

The Music Boat arrived in August 2012: a Cambridge Punt that had previously provided historical tours of the famous college backs but is now operating as London's most intimate floating music venue.

So bring a picnic / Camden Lock Market's excellent food and some drinks and enjoy the show, all against the ever changing, beautiful backdrop of regents canal

On the trip we pass through Camden's canal side: often sporting its own musical talent in busker form.

We pass closely alongside the wondrous hidden gardens of regents canal: the backs of extravagant, multi million pound properties (one of which features a big cow!)

The trip also features a close look at Feng Shung: the famous floating chinese restaurant towering out of regents canal like a big ornate red pagoda.

Along the way are numerous moorings which are home to a colourful array of different canal boats, offering a curious glimpse into day to day life inside these water-borne homes.

The trip's final destination is a big bang of a finale: London Zoo with its avery on one side: full of magical exotic birds and on the other side, wild dogs, boars and tapirs!

Glorious surroundings for our live performances.

Djanan Turan is an accomplished artist in her own right and we are very lucky to showcase her incredible talent. Her mesmerising mix of jazz standards like 'Summertime', turkish folk songs and a wealth of her own material make for an unforgettable trip

Brian Charles is one of our most energetic regulars: his funky fast covers of soul classics and jazz standards have electrified Music Boat audiences and instigated many a sing song (both dunken and sober)

Those transatlantic gypsy's, The Trouble Notes have flown in all the way from New York and have landed on The Music Boat! bringing with them their unique, soul jumping brand of gypsy jazz - flamenco fusion. Bennet's sweet crying agile fiddling over Sylvain's rhythmic strumming makes for a truly moving show. Perfect boat music.

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